to Oct 6

Classical Hatha Yoga and Satsang with Anandabhairava and Anadaashvatta

Join New York based teachers Anadabhairava and Anandaashvatta in a weekend long workshop studying philosophy, right action, and a profoundly simple yet challenging classical asana sequence developed by Maha Yogi.

Asanas are held approximately 3-5 minutes, and can be modified for any body at any stage of life. The result is strength, mobility, and a super clear mind.

We will also cover 4 in depth pranayama practices, simple yet deep meditation practices, and have the gift of a 2 hour satsang with these highly skilled yogis. This weekend is not to be missed.

Investment: $250 (some scholarship available)

to register, email sistermoonwellness@gmail.com

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MT+NYC Collaborative annual Writer’s Getaway Retreat in Yellowstone
to Oct 14

MT+NYC Collaborative annual Writer’s Getaway Retreat in Yellowstone

Take the time to do the work and be totally supported in nature at the 3rd annual Writer's Getaway Retreat with MT+NYC Collaborative.  

Right after the Paradise Valley narrows into the rugged Yankee Jim Canyon, beside the Yellowstone River, lies the site for our getaway.  This is a serene and low key, high productivity retreat for the artist who needs some uninterrupted time to work on any project they just haven't had the space to nurture.  We offer enough structure to make the experience supportive, but leave the days wide open for the muse to work her magic.

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Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion with AnandAshvattha & Steve Anandabhairava Prestianni
to Sep 23

Classical Hatha Yoga Immersion with AnandAshvattha & Steve Anandabhairava Prestianni

Join New York based teachers Anandabhairava and AnandAshvattha as they lead you through a Classical Hatha Yoga Sequence with lasting profound benefits to the body and mind. One student, after experiencing this sequences, announced, “I feel like I have eyes in the back of my head!” We will not only experience the effects, but will learn how to practice them on our own, and how teach them to others.

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8:00 AM08:00

Yoga Nidra with All Night Sound Scape

Please join us, from dusk until dawn, for a ceremony of sound and inner vision.

Journey together with us, into the Otherworld. Astride sound currents, we will be guided by ritual and allies toward the world of dreams, and beyond.

Join us and slumber under the full moon in Scorpio. Guests are treated to a menu of light, nourishing eats and supportive treats, designed to enhance the sound healing and dreamwork experience. The group will be guided into sleeping meditation with yoga nidra, led by Kendra Potter, and accompanied in dreamwork throughout the night with sound meditation by Amber Jackson, Arwen Sach Kiret Kaur, Jessica + Jonathan Peeblson and Peter Schaefagen. 

Dream with us, dear wayfarers, and while in your state of repose, let go of your pains and burdens; open your Self to the wisdom of Allies, and to the Truth of your inner worlds.

The sound experience will peak late in the night, then come to rest in the wee hours of the morning, at which point guests will have the chance to rest in silence. Sunrise will greet us all with coffee, tea and light morning eats, followed by a gentle morning yoga asana practice and closing circle prior to departure. 


Tickets are on sale NOW. We are limiting the number of participants for this event, thus pre-payment and registration is required. Please DM Jessica Peeblson, or call (406) 546-9766. 

Investment in you: $155 prior to April 15th. $177 from April 16-27th

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7:00 PM19:00

New Moon Practice with Sol Shine @ 401 Woodworth

This month the new moon will station in Aries. Come move with us and learn how to use Astrology, Yoga, and Ayurveda in your everyday life. 

We are inextricably tied to the moon. In the asana practice led by Kendra Potter, we will practice lunar salutations, and do a sequence to honor our own moon cycle.This is a class specifically geared towards women's practices, though it's open to the feminine expression in all. The physical practice will be followed with a cosmic forecast & Ayurvedic lesson by Samantha Moore. This includes a lesson in Astrology and Ayurveda, imparting the wisdom of nature to our everyday lives. 

It is a limited class size. $25 but no one will be turned away
To reserve your spot please pay Kendra on Venmo @kendra-potter

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