Me and the Moon

About You:  You are a dynamic Light!  A unique, individual expression of of the Creative Whole.

About Me:  I am, too.


About Sister Moon Wellness:

2015:  Early evening. I had just begun to walk home from downtown Missoula. The air was fresh after an early spring rainstorm, and the sky was brilliantly clear in its pre-dusk light. My not yet 2 year old daughter Sukha Belle was snuggled up in my arms. She reached her hand up in wonder and and said, “Look, Mama, the Sister Moon!” It was her first sentence, and it was an exclamation. I was awestruck. By Sukha, by the fullness of the moon, by this shared moment. I had never referred to the moon in this way, as a sister, but it felt so right. From that day on, she has always been our Sister Moon.  

2017. 5 months pregnant with my second child, I had a dream. In it, a Light hovered in front of me. We knew each other well, and it was clear the Light was my unborn baby (A similar experience had occurred with my daughter). We talked to each other for some time, and when it was time to wake, I asked if there was anything I should know or do before the Light became my child. “Nope, it’s all covered,”  it flickered. “Oh, wait.  There is one thing. My middle name is Moon.” When I woke up, all I recalled about the conversation was the Light’s middle name and the sense of familiarity. Our son, Lucian Moon, was born at home in the dark of night a few months later.

In Yoga, we seek balance.  In the body and our inner and outer expression. We are taught that the moon represents the feminine aspect, correlated to the left side of the body.  She is the receptive, reflective side of ourselves. The right side is associated with the solar energy, the masculine, the “get it done” energy. We benefit from a healthy expression of both.      

The Moon, that glorious orbiting entity, ever changing and ever present, is only visible in relationship with the Sun. The light is not her own, but the sun illuminates what she always is, seen or not. Sometimes she appears dark, and when she does, we are well served to turn inward, too. When she sends out the fullest expression of herself, illuminated by the sun, she presents a radiant light, turning nighttime in to an enchanting place, shining on all.  

I work to reflect the Light of those around me. To help them see and know their highest selves through all the phases of their lives whether through guiding yoga asana, yoga nidra, pranayama, mantra, Reiki, my work as a birth doula, creating ritual to mark a transition, and through friendship. I seek to share and hold space. I also work as a mother and a film and theatre artist. I am not above, nor am I below. I am a sister. If I can be of service, it is my honor to do so.