Reiki can be translated as Universal Life Energy.

A balancing, intelligent, harmonizing energy that heals on all levels:
the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

A 60 minute reiki session can either cover the whole body or dwell on a focused area.  It is a healing presence felt, sometimes through touch, sometimes healing hands simply hover over an area of the body which is asking for attention.  The receiver remains fully clothed, and is usually lying down.  It is truly amazing.  

Often, private yoga students opt for reiki on days when they are feeling like they would benefit from receiving more than moving.

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As a busy casting director in NYC for film and television, my life is consistently stressful, so having a teacher come to me at home or my office is so valuable. Studying yoga and receiving reiki weekly from Kendra has been life altering. I leave our private sessions feeling like I had a real workout, balanced and at peace. She is the best instructor and a completely gifted healer. I would go to her every day if I could. Since working with her, I have lost weight (even if not the goal, it is always a plus!), become more flexible, had less headaches and have felt my energy shift and open. She has such patience as an instructor and a very connected spirit, so I truly believe that everything she does and says will be just right for me.
— Jessica Kelly, private yoga student and reiki client