Aim to keep it simple, yet find the challenge within that simplicity. Students in classes often find themselves focusing on the journey between asanas as we move through sun salutations and standing poses, being reminded of gaze and breath. We often laugh and sigh, and take a few child's poses to check in. Then a long stretch, a twist, heart opening and some inversions bring us into a sweet and well deserved savasana, often incorporating a guided meditation. In any given class we may chant mantra, we may sigh, we may sit in silence, but we will always observe and honor what we find.

public class schedule 


9:30a @ Hot House Yoga

5:15p Vinyasa Yoga @ Downtown Dance Collective


9a Yoga Foundations @ The Peak Downtown

12p Core Power @Hot House Yoga

1:15p Private Corporate Class


12:30-1:45 Prenatal Yoga @Peaceful Heart


special classes offered each month

Private yoga sessions Available upon request. contact me to customize your practice. 

I currently have several private students each week.

Kendra is a deeply patient, attentive and attuned teacher. I would never have been able to become so committed to my yoga practice if it hadn’t been for her encouraging guidance. She is gracious with my pace, yet she also challenges me to work harder so that I am always finding what I need in the moment I am in. I have practiced with her alone, but she has also led sessions with me and my sister and me and my partner, which opened up so much communication between us, even after just one session. I think what makes Kendra’s teaching so special is her commitment to the whole self. I can feel that she is concerned for my whole body and soul, and I feel blessed every time I leave a session with her.
— Alexis Powell, private student
Kendra Potter was my first yoga teacher and I could not have asked for a better person to introduce me to yoga. Coming from an athletic background of triathlons and power-lifting, I knew that I needed a lot of work to become more flexible and stay injury free. Kendra showed me how to achieve that flexibility and through that gateway I started learning so much more about myself and my spirituality. I appreciate her wisdom, insight, both her depth and breadth of knowledge as she has helped me move forward in my own personal journey. She has helped me appreciate the deep connection between mind, spirit, and body. She’s a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her.
— Stanley Lee, private student