Birth doula services

You and your baby deserve a peaceful transition as you go from one body to two.  It is intense, glorious work.


It is my privilege to be a DONA trained birth doula. I work with mothers at any point in their pregnancy all the way through achieving a first latch for breastfeeding. I feel so strongly that a peaceful and empowering birth sets the whole world up for peaceful and empowered citizens. My work as a doula has no ego, and is without judgement. I want mothers and partners to feel supported in whatever birth experience feels right for them, whether I am the chosen support or not. I am happy to serve as a guide, friend, resource, or whatever can help a mama in her work to bring baby earthside. I understand that a healthy birth is best achieved from a holistic perspective, and does not begin when labor starts, but much earlier in pregnancy.

I arrive at the labor when mama asks for me. I am available on call 24 hours a day for the month surrounding baby’s due date, and am ready at a moment’s notice. I come after having established a good relationship with parents, usually after one or two meetings during the third trimester, several hours long each. Often I also contribute a prenatal yoga class to get mama into a good relationship with her body and breath.  In labor, I help with non medical comfort measures, touch, verbal support, information, and a calm and loving smile. Each birth I’ve attended has become an incredible affirmation in humanity. Every child emerges the way they need to, and I have loved being present for them all.  

Once mother and baby are bonding and latched, I go home and write their birth story from my perspective. I deliver this story at our postpartum follow up. Many parents find this story to be incredibly helpful to piece together the experience for them, foster dialogue to process anything that was especially challenging or confusing, and makes a keepsake for baby. Most of my former clients have remained friends for years afterward.

In addition to having attended births in homes, birth centers, Labor and Delivery rooms, and operating rooms, I have had two successful vaginal deliveries of my own children, both at home. The first was silent and sacred. I slept between pushes, and my daughter emerged at dawn into our studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY, in a birth tub in a candlelit room to birdsong out our window. I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful and soulful experience.  My son’s birth was fast and furious. He came out in what felt like a single hour-long contraction, appearing with my HUGE roar of triumph in the dark of night. It was also sacred. I’ve seen much, and I am honored to support women in their own delivery of their children however they emerge.

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